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Replacing a damaged cylinder head on your vehicle is very affordable. Cylinder heads can often be repaired at half the price of purchasing the parts new. Richards Cylinder Head Repair & Exchange uses on-site, state of the art equipment to deliver top-quality, repaired and remanufactured cylinder heads with superior workmanship and at very competitive prices. Our seasoned professionals can deliver the precise work needed with cast welding and TIG welding to assure our customers of quality automotive cylinder heads they can rely on.
Make Description Price Per Year
AMC 4.0 AMC Jeep#033/99-06 $350.00
CHRYSLER 5.2 & 5.9 Chrysler Magnum 88-03   $175.00
CHRYSLER 3.3/3.8 Chrysler   $150.00
CHRYSLER SOHC 02-07  $350.00
CHRYSLER 4.7 Chrysler SOHC 99-07  $350.00
FORD  OHV 86-07   $175.00
FORD 2.3/2.5 SOHC 93-04 (complete)  $325.00
FORD 4.6 - 5.4 Ford SOHC Triton Head (complete) $325.00
FORD  7.3 Ford Navistar 88-94   $350.00
FORD 4.9 Ford 87-96  $300.00
GM 5.7 GM Vortec, 96-02     $200.00
GM  OHV 90-03 #391-391S-146-507   $225.00
GM 3.1/3.4 GM, 93-05, #769-743-170-487   $175.00
GM DOHC/ECOTEC (complete)   $475.00
GM LS 5.3 & 6.0  $250.00
GM 1.6 GM DOHC aVEO (complete) E-Tec 11 04-07  $475.00
HYUNDAI 2.4 Hyundai DOHC (complete) 99-05  $475.00
KIA 1.8 & 2.0 KIA DOHC (complete) 95-06  $475.00
TOYOTA 2.4 Toyota SOHC (22R) (22RE) 81-95  $275.00
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Warranty:  Included with each item
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  cylinder heads have been properly executed. 
Richards Cylinder Head Repair has a large variety of foreign (import) and domestic cylinder heads in our inventoryAbove is only an excerpt of our inventory in stock.  If you do not see your head on our price list contact us right away.  We have a variety of great resources and a stellar reputation for our ability to locate hard-to-find cylinder heads, if not available in our vast inventory!
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