Flywheel Machining in Indianapolis, IN

As a full-service machine shop in Indianapolis, West Indianapolis, and Friendswood, IN, Richards Complete Machine Shop has capabilities that go far beyond cylinder head repair and reconditioning. We’re also a premier provider of services like flywheel resurfacing, performance work and more. We’re trusted throughout Indianapolis, IN to provide superior-standard flywheel machining and other services and we’re well-known for our workmanship.

Flywheel resurfacing
Is your clutch slipping? Can you feel chatter as you shift into gear? Flywheel slippage can be a big problem in older cars. We can resurface your flywheel to restore the integrity to your clutch at an affordable price.
Engine rebuilding
If your engine problems go beyond cylinder head troubles, trust us to rebuild your engine properly. Our machine shop is equipped with all the essential machinery to disassemble and rebuild your engine in-house.
Performance work
Doing a little performance tuning for your vehicle? Let us help you modify and customize under the hood, to help you get the power and performance you want from your engine.

Our Equipment and Machinery

If you know machinery, you’ll know that Richards Complete Machine Shop purchases the very best equipment in the business. We see our investment in machinery as an investment in a job well-done. Thanks to the precision machinery we use, we’re able to deliver a higher standard of result to our customers, quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

Cleaning Process

  • High Pressure Hot Tank
  • Peterson Burning System
  • Kansas Instrument (Steel Shot)
  • ABS (Pressure Pod/Glass Bead)

Cylinder Head, Seat & Guide Machines

  • Serdi100
  • TCMV-25Peterson
  • IDL

Block Machines

  • Rottler-Boring Bar
  • Hone Master
  • Sunnen

Crank Machines

  • Berco Grinder & Polisher

Surfacing of Cylinder Heads & Manifolds

  • RMC-12V PCD & CBN Cutters
  • Storm Vulcun (Belt Surfacer)
  • Peterson (Stone)

Valve Machines

  • Sioux Tools (Tumblers)
  • Sioux Tools (Valve Grinders)
  • Kansas Instrument (Steel Shot)
  • ABS (Pressure Pod/Glass Bead)

Specialty Machines

  • Bridgeport Mills
  • Lathe
  • Press
  • Flywheel Grinder
  • Miller Welder

Your Complete Machine Shop

Richards Complete Machine Shop provides a complete range of flywheel machining services to drivers and their vehicles. If you have questions about flywheel resurfacing or cylinder head rebuilding or want to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us at 317-856-9163.