Cylinder Head Rebuilding in Indianapolis, IN

Richards Complete Machine Shop is the foremost authority on cylinder head work, no matter what condition yours are in. We stock and can work on foreign, domestic, industrial and performance cylinder heads of any brand or make! Our shop is the go-to destination in Indianapolis, West Indianapolis, and Friendswood, IN for flywheel resurfacing and pressure tests, cylinder head exchanges, welding services and reconditioned cylinder heads. Let our cylinder head rebuilding shop provide you with the services you need to keep your vehicle running. Contact us today to learn more!

Cylinder Head Resurfacing

Cast Welding Services

We’re capable of both aluminum welding and cast iron welding for cylinder heads at our shop in Indianapolis, IN. We typically offer cast welding for restoration of early-model engines and TIG aluminum welding for stronger, higher quality welds in late-model and high-performance upgrades. Rest assured we’ll meet your welding needs and deliver precision welding results for superior performance.
Cast Iron Welding

Cylinder Head Resurfacing & Rebuilding

Cylinder head rebuilding and cylinder head resurfacing are cost-effective ways to restore engine performance and power. Rather than completely replacing cylinder heads, we can save you hundreds by reconditioning yours to correct issues caused by excessive wear. Our approach to restoring cylinder heads can help you correct leakages, weak engine performance and misfires, among other problems.
Aluminum Welding

Surface and Pressure Checks

Not sure if you need cylinder head resurfacing? Visit our conveniently-located shop in Indianapolis, IN to have yours pressure tested. We can inspect the surface of your cylinder heads and perform a pressure test to pinpoint issues like cracking or unevenness caused by wear.
Cast Welding

Cylinder Head Exchange

If you need a brand-new cylinder head due to a severe crack or malfunction, we can help. We stock cylinder heads for domestic and foreign vehicles, and can get your old, damaged heads removed and replaced quickly

The Experts in Cylinder Head Services

Questions about cast iron welding or our other services? We’re happy to answer them for you. Contact Richards Complete Machine Shop today at 317-856-9163 for cylinder head services and we’ll make sure your vehicle gets what it needs and you get the service you deserve.