July 12, 2024

2024-07-15 | 17:56:01

"I took my Ford 5.8 complete basket case to Richards. Had the block cleaned/bored/honed, crank turned, and rods resized. I purchased the pistons and bearings from them as you should when you have this type work done. I didn’t have it assembled to save money. I am a professional mechanic but not a professional engine builder so I checked ALL of the measurements several times to be sure with proper tools…. Not plastigauge. Everything was spot on. If you go to a machine shop and they are not backlogged with work it’s probably because they aren’t good so yes, sometimes you have to wait. I have been to many machine shops in my 35yrs as a mechanic and this is the best one still open in the Indy area IMO. I almost didn’t use them because of bad reviews so I thought I should leave them a fair review so others could see. I also dealt with both of their receptionist. They were both very on point. I honestly don’t believe the reviews that say otherwise because they went out of their way to help me. This was for my father in laws truck may he RIP so it was important to me. These guys aren’t kids. They have been doing this a while. It’s also VERY IMPORTANT that a machine shop has quality machines. This place has quality equipment which is why I chose them in the first place after my go to shop closed it’s doors. They have their equipment listed on their website so you can and should check for yourself."
April 5, 2024

2024-07-08 | 00:30:03

"You can not find anyone in the entire metro area to be more honest and on point with services, then Richard's. I've worked with JR and his wife since 2012. Nicest people. They deserve all the business! Efficient, knowledgeable, and very dependable. No other Machine Shop in Indianapolis for me!"
March 13, 2024

"Richard and his crew are a great bunch of guys and girls. Just had my Ls 6.0 block sleeved and board.30 over and I needed a set of heads to make it breathe and they hooked me up. Prices were great on everything I had done. It took a week longer than expected.but it was worth it. Thanks guys. I'll be back "
March 13, 2024

James Parks | 2024-03-13 09:25:17

"I got an LS 6.0 and needed some block work and a set of heads . Richards hooked me up .great prices and friendly service. Took a week longer than expected. But it was worth it. Thanks for the good work and help "
March 11, 2024

2024-07-08 | 00:30:05

"Even though it took a little longer than I had originally planned, Richards did an awesome job on my cast iron cylinder head. I am very happy that they got my tractor back in the field! A replacement head was not an option for me since they are discontinued, but Richards is an old school machine shop that can still weld cast iron heads. If you have a complicated fix, be a little patient because they can get busy and they put in long hours. There aren't too many machine shops willing to do the tough stuff like them. Thanks so much Richards!"