October 13, 2023

2024-07-08 | 00:30:06

"Got exactly what I asked for on a set of 862 heads built for cam boost. Quick turn around and great customer service. This shop has a good ol boy feel to it. Getting harder and harder to find. Respect gets respect. Treat them right and you'll get treated right."
April 7, 2023

2024-07-08 | 00:30:07

"Customer service A , Quality of work A , Price very reasonable._Very knowledgeable and helpful people to deal with. I will Definitely will go back again."
March 22, 2023

2024-07-08 | 00:30:09

"Awesome place, friendly people and they do great work"
March 9, 2023

2024-07-08 | 00:30:10

"I have used them twice. First time I bought a cylinder head off of them that they had already went through and redid. Worked out great with no problems once installed. Second I took a cylinder head in and had them redo it for me. Again no issues. I like helping out family owned businesses. And they definitely treat you better when they are. Keep up the good work. I will use them again and recommend everyone to give them a shot."
March 8, 2023

2024-07-08 | 00:30:11

"Used this company for some cylinder head work. They were honest, reliable and price was fair. No issues! I would use them again for sure."