December 11, 2022

2024-07-08 | 00:30:12

"Only positive experiences with Richard’s. Always timely, reasonable, and knowledgeable. We will continue to recommend Richard’s as they are our go-to."
April 21, 2022

2024-07-08 | 00:30:13

"Best machine shop around. Owner is honest, does incredible work, and really knows what he is doing. They treat their customers right and their services are worth the wait. We would not go anywhere else."
March 20, 2022

2024-07-08 | 00:30:13

"They’re a little disorganized, but not any worse than most auto shops. Brought a head off an AMC 258 (4.2L) to be inspected, repaired, cleaned, and perimeter and they did it in four days. When picking it up, they were short-handed and it wasn’t quite ready yet. They did a good job on the head, and gave some great tips for the reassembly process. I take the business as a side-effect of them doing good work and having repeat customers. We’ll definitely be back next time we need a machine shop."
June 17, 2021

2024-07-08 | 00:30:14

"It's a great place with reasonable prices. I got my flywheel resurfaced here for my Evo X decent turn around times good friendly people."
May 3, 2021

2024-07-08 | 00:30:16

"They can take care of it."