February 7, 2019

2024-07-08 | 00:30:36

"Great place and high quality. Good work isn’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good."
February 7, 2019

2024-07-08 | 00:30:37

"Great service have used these guys multiple times over 20 plus years 1st class operation always quality work"
April 11, 2018

2024-07-08 | 00:30:38

"Richard is definitely not the quickest, I experienced it many times myself. But I take my stuff to him every time, because the last thing I need is to let some hack-job machine my parts. Of course I had to learn that the hard way._He is experienced, he'll work on pretty much anything you could get your hands on._If you want a cheap fast hack-job, this is not the place for you._Disclaimer: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Richard, just a happy costumer."
March 8, 2018

2024-07-08 | 00:30:39

"Their Quality is Amazing and Price"
October 6, 2016

2024-07-08 | 00:30:40

"Had an exhaust leak on one head on my 1964 Galaxie 500 (390 engine), plus wanted to install headers. Took both heads to Richards with the iron manifolds still bolted on (knew some of the bolts were rusted). They got the old manifolds off, surfaced the exhaust sides and lightly surfaced the combustion sides, installed new guides, seals and seats, hot tanked, welded and retapped some of the exhaust holes, etc. Took about a week or so. Put it all back together and it ran fine. This was in Mar. of 2016. In May, we took the Galaxie on all of Route 66, from Indy to Chicago, out to LA, and back to Indy, a little over 5,000 miles in two weeks. No problems. I'm satisfied with Richards."